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RUSTIK WORK - natural decor. stone stone pannels dim. 60x15, thickness 1-3cm, price from:
23,18/m² ?? €/m²
IN STOCK, sold in packages:
1 pack = 0,54m² (6 pcs. 60x15 cm)


DECORATIVE STONES - gravel stones, quarry stones, monolith

VERY SHORT delivery terms for WINDOWSILLS custom size:
within 1 to 3 working days

CUSTOM SIZE WINDOWSILLS, the price per meter including 22% tax, already from:
GRANITE - 14,40€, 12,20
MARBLE - 14,03,
TECH. MARBLE - 13,20
(extra discount for larger quantities possible – make an inquiry)

GRANITE TILES-POLISHED dimension 40x40x1cm in stock, prices already from:
18,54/m² ?? /m²,
in stock dim. 61x30,5x1cm
(extra discount for larger quantities possible - make an inquiry)

GRANITE TILES - BURNED, , ANTISLIPPING, for outdoor, dim 50x30x1.5cm, 60x30x2cm and 50x30x3cm - in stock:
from 24,40?? €/m²

ROUND OR SEMICIRCULAR front edges on windowsills and stairs with thickness of 2 to 3 cm, price already from:

GRANITE CUBES - hewn, dimension 8x8x8cm
Padang Kristal or Porfido-C in stock
dim. 10x10x6cm - in stock

VENECIAN PAVEMENT mixed, thickness 2 or 3 cm, sold only in complete palettes (cca 30-40 m²), price including 22% tax:
GRANITE 110€/palette,
MARBLE 65€/palette

Stonecutting Žunko Pragersko >> all of marble and granita ... since 1987

VELIKA IZBIRA NARAVNEGA KAMNA NA 20.000 M2 skladiščnih površin - Prepričajte se!

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